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Scotland CAN B is based on the well-evidenced premise that business for good is good for business.

The new global business paradigm around business as a force for good reinforces the idea that company success and wider positive benefits are mutually compatible. In Scotland, this may be through adoption of Fair Work Framework principles, the Scottish Business Pledge, inclusive and purpose-driven business models, or measuring what matters using the B Corp ready-made framework (B Impact Assessment).

Scotland CAN B therefore is an invitation for Scottish companies to build a shared understanding of their positive impact by completing the free assessment as well as to find improvement areas for business, societal and environmental innovation.

Scotland CAN B is powered by B Lab UK in partnership with Scotland CAN DO supported by a variety of stakeholders driven to contribute to the collective message that better businesses builds a better nation.

Measure What Matters

Benchmark your companies performance with over 65,000 other enterprises from over 50 countries who are all measuring what matters.

What Scottish companies are saying:

“Very user friendly”

“You can see your score before submitting, which reduces anxiety to the business”

"The Impact Business Models components of the assessment acknowledge the good work that social enterprises do”

“There is evidence of the many years of knowledgeable experience using this tool”

“You can benchmark yourself on the quick version without doing the Full Impact Assessment version to get a sense of the interface, the “B” mentality and the types of questions the assessment asks”

“It is a great reflection on how your business is performing in positive impact in Scotland”

Scottish Organisations who are engaging with the tool:

Edinburgh Napier University
Beyonder Ltd.
Scottish Enterprise
Social Enterprise Scotland
Adopt an Intern
and more...

Scotland CAN DO Business as a Force for Good

Launched in May 2018 by Nicola Sturgeon and powered by BLAB UK in partnership with Scotland CAN DO, the programme is part of the agenda to strengthen this message whilst celebrating existing Scottish initiatives for Better Business such as the Scottish Business Pledge.

The partnership places Scotland to be a global leader by combining the CAN DO approach with the B Lab global movement of businesses as a force for good.

The goal of the programme is to increase awareness of the proven business case - as well as social and environmental benefits - of values-based business practices, and ensure that Scottish businesses are well represented in the global drive towards using business as a force for good.

The first nationwide programme of its kind. Previously, similar initiatives have been implemented at a citywide level in New York, Santiago and Rio de Janeiro. Organisations are invited to complete either a shortened version of B Lab UK’s assessment tool (the B Impact Assessment) or the full Assessment either online or at a workshop promoted amongst businesses across Scotland.

Why Do This?

Measuring what matters helps you attract and retain the best talent.

It demonstrates your company walks its talk about being a better company.

It gives employees who care about this an opportunity to engage and to lead.

It allows you to benchmark performance and gives you tools to set goals for improvement.

Who Says This Matters?

Harvard Business Review: Millennials, which represent roughly 50% of the global workforce, want work that connects to a larger purpose.

Hewitt Associates: Companies with higher levels of employee engagement outperformed the stock market by nearly 20%.


May 2018

Scotland CAN B Announcement at Impact Summit

June 2018

June 27th & 28th - B Leadership Training @ Edinburgh Napier University

July 2018

July 11th - Working Group Meetup @ Social Investment Scotland, Edinburgh

August 2018

August 15th - B Fringe: Scottish B Corp One Stone Advisors hosts a conversation about Beautiful Business at Edinburgh Fringe - To RSVP Click HERE

August 3rd - Scotland CAN B Working Group Meetup @ Glasgow Location TBD: For interested organisations wanting to contribute on upcoming programme and impact - Contact Delfina to RSVP

Upcoming Workshops

Glasgow Workshop
Edinburgh Workshop
Highlands Workshop

Additional Tools & Pledges in Scotland for Better Business

Scottish Business Pledge

Think Business, Think Equality


For more info or support with Scotland CAN B please contact Project Manager Delfina Zagarzazu,


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